Our Services and Capabilities

Lab 18 uses open source and freely licensed software and applications to create websites for our customers. This allows us to reduce costs while still providing stable sites and top-notch service. We use Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, commonly called the LAMP stack, to develop our sites. These technologies have been proven time and time again in some of the world's largest websites, such as Facebook and Wikipedia. Read about our full service capabilities below.

Website Design

We provide graphic design to make your site look fresh and professional. We come together with our clients to find a pleasing design that is user friendly and establishes the online image you desire.

Database and Application Development

We work daily with databases with millions of entries, and applications with tens of thousands of users. If you are looking for something more complex than just an online presence, such as an interactive website, social hub, or anything else, we can probably do it, and we won't lead you on if we can't.

Easy Content Management

We can create websites, blogs, forums, photo galleries and more with an easy to use interface for you or your website managers. We can create systems from scratch based on your requirements, or use off the shelf systems, such as WordPress for building blogs and sites, to get you up and running in a faster timeframe.

Social Media Presence & Integration

Lab 18 can provide you with a business-oriented experience on most major social networks. This allows you to reach more customers and update information in a timely manner without invading customer inboxes or seeming too overbearing. We can also integrate various social media into your website, such as Twitter feeds and Facebook sharing, and can work with most API's if you wish to create a custom application using data from social media sites.

Search Engine Optimization

We don't promise the #1 spot on Google, although we've reached that for some terms for a few of our clients. We work with you to make sure that your site has the best chance of being seen in relevant searches using techniques approved by all the major search engines.

Advertising and Marketing

Lab 18 can help you market and advertise your site, as well as earn money by selling advertising on your site. There are a number of online ad networks we use, and we can help you set up accounts for your company to start making money within days. Earning money through advertising usually corresponds to how popular your website is: the more people visiting, the more money you will probably make. We can also help you set up email marketing, pay-per-click advertising on Google and other search engines and networks to help increase your site's popularity.


We can host your site on Lab 18 owned servers and manage your site, or we can help you set up hosting on your own to manage your site independently, or we can create a combination of the two to suit your needs. Our servers can be customized to meet most technology requirements and needs.